What are Miniature Golf Course Plans?

To make sure that a commercial miniature golf course would attract is target market and audience, it is important to construct a sound miniature golf course plan. There are indoor and outdoor courses that originated from miniature golf course plans and they cater to different kinds of players. A lot of miniature golf course plans target primarily the total family experience. The courses are constructed with the family in mind, to challenge their skill and at the same time provide entertainment. A lot of elements have been put into play; some require skill while some require luck. Miniature golf course plans include holes that would allow children and adults to score “hole-in-one” and it also offer different approaches of play so that players to add a different flavor to the hole. One path may require precision skill, while the other may provide the element of luck, it depends on what path the player opts to play. A miniature golf course plan would be considered successful if the players would leave with a sense of success and have thoughts of playing the course again.

Some golf courses would utilize all the variables that are available for them. By utilizing the natural resources and topography, it makes the golfer have the “real” golf course experience. This can be achieved if one examines the miniature golf course plans and sees that it utilizes natural rocks, rugged timber, ropes, real fine grain sand as traps and takes on multiple carpets for different approach to surfaces. The speed of the greens can be controlled by the use of multiple carpet system. A lot of golfers play on these courses so they can practice their putts and ability to read the greens.

A lot of miniature golf course plans now are into hybrid courses and at the same it caters to indoor miniature golf facilities. Hybrid courses incorporate sports course elements in a normal miniature golf course. Now, there are holes that have water hazard and obstacles.

For a miniature golf course to have a steady stream of revenue is to cater to its demographics when thinking of miniature golf course plans. That way, the chances of success and profitability is just a putt away.