Miniature Golf: A Big Business

A miniature golf business is similar to any other kind of business; it requires promotion, place, a business plan and the proper equipment and supplies. Not only one can profit from this venture, one could have fun as well by just having the proper organization and a little help of lady luck. Affordable recreational entertainment, wholesome activities will never go out of style. There is a market for people who are willing to spend for miniature golf because everyone is a target market.

Customer demographics is the first thing one should review when one wants to go into a miniature golf business. Check if their monthly or annual income can allow them to participate in such recreational activities. If the demographics and the target market is adequate then one should start looking for a location.

When one is shopping for a location, better decide what kind of facility one would construct, indoor or outdoor. If one lives in a climate where ice is considered nice, better build an indoor facility where one can have indoor heating. It is advantageous to have a lease lawyer review the lease contracts before signing to make sure that both sides profit from the agreement.

Once a location is secured, then it’s time to check how many playing courses the facility can hold and then decide a theme for each playing course. Try picking a theme design that would be both challenging and entertaining for players so that they would leave with a sense of success and they would keep on coming back to play the different courses.

Better a professional contractor with a good reputation to build the miniature golf course. Incorporate the obstacles and hazards, make use of natural topography, add special effects, develop fairways, waterfalls, ponds, and fountains, invest in lighting and sound equipment. The holes should be challenging but should not result into a lot of bottleneck traffic for players.

To accommodate the players’ other needs better build a snack shop, gift store, and comfortable restrooms. This is additional revenue stream for the proprietor.

Better stack up on a lot of golf equipment and supplies that is suitable for all ages and all skill levels. Scorecards not only can be used to keep score, it can be also a promotional item wherein it can attach discounts and special offers.