History of Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf course is an “undersized” version of an actual course in the sport of golf. Different sources say that the first ever miniature golf course is situated in St. Andrews, Scotland from the Ladies Putting Club. It was founded in 1867 and is still in operation until today. Royal Ancient Golf Club decided to establish the “Himalayas”, as it was then called, so that women can also experience the exhilarating discipline of the sport of golf. The conformist social standard pictured women as the “weaker” sex, they thought it would be backbreaking and unladylike to perform the golf swing. So they have to settle for a miniature version of golf.

The first miniature golf courses are small-scale version of regulation golf courses. It is played with a golf putter and a driver and they are normally 1/10th of the scale of a regular golf course. These courses however still include the regular hazards of a real golf course like sand traps, ponds, trees, and hilly greens.

Thistle Dhu (This’ll do) began the commercialization of the miniature golf courses in 1916. This new compact and classical design that integrates fountains, plants and symmetrically placed skyways.

A lot of rooftop courses sprung up during 1926, it is the year where the popularity of miniature golf courses reached its peak. Around 150 were built in New York City alone, plus there were tens of thousands all over the United States. The Depression knocked the expansion of miniature golf courses. People do not have the comfort of putting a ball with the economy in an impasse, almost all the miniature golf courses were demolished.

Before the World War II, the interest of the people in golf courses was restored. An improved kind of miniature golf course was being constructed, different from the ones in the late 20’s. The courses now have obstacles, the current windmills, castles and wishing wells, together with the hazards and landscaping of the previous miniature golf courses. A lot of people bawled the innovators to build their own golf courses with these new improvements. Even the US military contracted people to build and ship these courses all over the world where US military men are stationed.

In fact, Miniature golf has come to the point of popularity were the United States declared the second Saturday of May as National Miniature Golf day. If you look at it, it has been a long way from just being a recreational activity for women to an exhibition today.