Constructing a Miniature Golf Course

Miniature golf construction permits an individual to get the fun and amusement of miniature golf right at the comforts of you own home. Miniature golf may be enjoyed by people of different ages, family, couples and friends. This is why it is ideal to have empty spaces in the backyard, or basement and be constructed into a miniature golf course. Miniature golf construction at home can be designed with natural obstacles and other household items and yet it has the same competitive feel to that of commercial golf courses.

It is important to make a survey of the floor space and designate areas as to where the holes would be located. One should also take into consideration the space available for obstacles, impediments and other items that make the game exciting.

It is important to be creative when creating obstacles during miniature golf construction. If one needs to create obstacles for the course, a simple household item can make a plain course more challenging and exciting. The household items can be designated as wind hazards, a fast rolling hill or a sand trap.

Miniature golf construction should always follow the design to the letter. Make sure to allow some space for players to walk around without distracting players who are putting. There is a lot of activities and paraphernalia involved in miniature golf construction, digging and the use of PVC pipe for one. Creative designs that would surely impress friends and other players is the use of a PVC pipe as a connector, wherein the sunk ball would end up in the tee area of the next hole.

During miniature golf construction, one can lay out the mat if one decides not to take advantage of the natural topography.

All one needs is a staple gun and strategically place it all over the course. A mat can be installed many times to make small hills and divots as obstacles.

Make sure to enjoy the course after construction, after all the proof of the pudding is in the eating.