The Five Basic Golf Swing Fundamentals

There are a number of different fundamentals that should be learned in golf but there are five basic golf swing fundamentals in particular that should be focused on.If you are able to work on these golf swing fundamentals and really get the hang of them then you are going to be set and your game is going to be at least that much better.Without these golf swing fundamentals you are never going to have the best game and you are going to be struggling.There are actually five basic steps that must be followed in order to have proper posture when playing golf.

The first place to start when it comes to golf swing fundamentals is the grip which is how you hold the club.If you are not sure on how to hold the club then the whole shot is going to be off.There are a few different grip styles that you could choose to use, and everyone has their own preference and finds out what works for them.Make sure that you are bending from the waist and not from the legs as a lot of people do, especially taller golfers.

Good posture allows for balance in the golf swing and you want to have weight evenly distributed on the balls of the feet and do not touch your chin to your chest because if you do this what happens is you will not get a proper turn. When you do this you are going to get the chance to see where they hang and this will place the butt-end of the handle about a fist away from your body.You need to focus on a few different things on this of the golf swing fundamentals and that includes width of stance, knee flex, straightening of the back, bending of the hip socket and as well on the angle that your back is maintaining throughout the swing.This is one of the best tips if you are trying to work on posture of the golf swing fundamentals.

Working on the golf swing fundamentals is always important and you should never feel bad because even the professionals have to work on the golf swing fundamentals now and again.You can have all of the positive golf swing fundamentals down but if your mind is not in the game then you are going to do poorly.The tricky part is learning how to remember all of the skills but then not think about it too much when you are playing.Do posture checks throughout the game and make sure that you have proper posture at all times so that you can have the best game.