Why Golf Club Fitting is Very Important

Getting a customized golf club fitting can be ideal to an avid golf club player. So why should you get a customized fitting? Well let’s look and see. A customized golf club fitting is going to look at how you play the game as well as measure you to insure that you are playing with a set of clubs that will work for your body type. Some people will buy a used golf club or set of clubs and this is fine. You can find some really great deals on used equipment. Getting a customized golf club fitting will involve the dealer or retailer doing the fitting to know:

Gender of the player.
Height of the player in shoes and socks.
The distance from the floor up to the player’s wrist.
Player’s age.
The skill level and handicap of the player
The swing of the player.
What club the player typically uses from around the 150 marker.
So why do they need to know this to do a golf club fitting? Well for one gender has a lot to do with getting the perfect fitting. Men and women vary in standards and measurements. Your height as well as distance form your wrist to the floor will help in determining what length of club is going to be ideal for you. The remainder will help determine what shaft flex is required for you. If you don’t have the right size club for you then your game of golf will suffer for it. There is also a great little online customizer that you can use to get a general idea on your golf club fitting. You can find it at http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/cfw/.
It has been said that you can look at golf club fitting in four areas:
Shaft flex
Shaft length
Lie angle

According to the World of Golf, the Shaft flex is defined as how much force in the swing is necessary to make the shaft perform the way it should. The shaft length measured from the top of the grip straight down the shaft to the sole of the club head. The lie angle is defined as is the angle formed by the sole of the club and the shaft. The loft of a golf club is the angle formed by the face of the club and the shaft.

You can see that golf club fitting is a very important part of playing a great golf game. There are so many factors to consider. A true golfer is going to do the research and take the time to get all the information that he or she need before making a final decision and purchase. A good set of golf clubs is a major investment not only in your game but financially as well. So insuring that you are getting the golf clubs that will work best for your body type is important. You don’t have to have a golf club fitting or buy a customized set but it is highly recommended. After all, isn’t your game worth it?