The Big Bertha Irons Make A Callaway Golf Club Set Extra Special

A Callaway golf club set that has Big Bertha Irons in it is sure to be an asset to every golfer’s armory of golfing equipment. Actually, the mere mention of Big Bertha conjures up images of outstanding performance, feel as well as forgiveness. Most Callaway golf club sets that were produced after 1994 are sure to include Big Bertha irons, which is good news because these irons are truly revolutionary and a big help to every golfer.

Callaway Golf Club Set Unique Design

In fact, the design of the Big Bertha has a lot to do with the increased popularity of the Callaway golf club set. A hallmark of the Big Bertha is its unique design that results in weight being pushed farther out to the club head’s edges. In addition, Callaway golf clubs are very stable and the feel too is excellent.

The year 1996 saw the introduction of the Big Bertha Gold Series Irons that built upon the original Big Bertha and added more contouring as well as were able to distribute the weight more effectively. Another change to the Big Bertha took place a year later in 1997 when the Great Big Bertha Tungsten Titanium was introduced and the Callaway golf club sets from this period onward proved to be a big hit as they consisted of golf clubs that were ideal for every different type of golf condition.

Further changes to the Big Bertha took place in the year 1998 when the center of gravity of the clubs was lowered and the new Callaway golf club set contained clubs that helped to get balls into the air a lot more effectively. And, in case you happen to be interested in lowering your handicap the Callaway golf club set of Pro-Series will prove to be the best choice as it allows golfers to work their balls more easily.

Callaway Golf Club Set Upgrade

Another upgrade of the Callaway golf club set and more particularly the Big Bertha Irons took place in the year 2002 when latest technologies were incorporated while also retaining the original appearance that all Big Bertha Irons are well known for.

The only thing that prevents many golfers from buying a Callaway golf club set is the price. In fact, a number of golfers tend to gravitate toward buying a cheap golf set rather than hunt for good quality golf sets such as those brought to you by Callaway and a few other big names including Wilson. It is easy to buy a golf set without, in the process, needing to spend a mini fortune in the bargain because you only need to check discount sites as well as wait for pre-season sales.