Specifically for Women: Ladies Golf Club Set

The sport of golf has changed over the years as women and children have started to get more involved in the game on a regular basis. In light of this, golf clubs that were made for men did not work well for most women and children, so there became more of a need for ladies and junior golf club sets. In addition, the needs of those who are left handed also came into play so that they were not forced any longer to play the game right handed, contrary to their natural abilities. Children’s and ladies golf club sets are more lightweight and also more easily controllable than the men’s golf club sets so that women and children can more readily enjoy and become expert in the game of golf.

Choosing a Ladies Golf Club Set

A ladies golf club set, like men’s, does not come with more than fourteen clubs in it, since that is all that may be carried at a time in the game of golf. In the set, there are woods, irons and wedges so that all types of shots may be made. Choosing the types of clubs depends on the proficiency of the woman in playing the game, with the higher the handicap, the more experienced the player is, which means that she can handle certain types of clubs that would not be beneficial to a less experienced player.

Ladies Golf Club Set For Beginners

In ladies gold club sets for beginners, there is usually only one wood that is needed. Usually this is the three wood which is easier to control for the long shots required in teeing off. Most of the woods that are made for women will specify on the side what height of woman the club is made for so that a club that is great for a woman of five foot nine is not used by a woman who is only five foot even. These woods are also lighter weight so that a faster swing can be acquired by the women using them which means that they can get the distance they want when teeing off.

When choosing irons, again it depends on the skill of the golfer. Ladies golf club sets for beginners will usually have lower numbered irons in it since the higher numbered irons are harder to control for beginners. As the woman gets more advanced, she may try out some higher numbered woods in place of the higher numbered irons since they are often easier to control and give a straighter and longer shot. The other clubs in a ladies golf club set are the wedges, which are often the sand wedge, the lob wedge and they will also have a putter.