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In addition to the falling cost of golf balls and clubs, a number of other factors contributed to the broadening appeal of the golf game. The industrial revolution allowed the common folk more time and money to spend on recreation. The developing railroad made travel to the golf courses easier and cheaper, and golfers could even travel to and play on different courses. The invention of the lawn mower made it possible for golf courses to be built where it was formerly considered impractical because of tall grasses.

People are attracted to golf for various reasons. It allows some the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and to get a little exercise at the same time. For others it is a chance to get away from the stress and strain of their daily routine and find a little peace and quiet on the fairways and greens. Still others enjoy the social aspect of golf—it is a game that people of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities can play together. And there is no violence attached to it.

Discount Golf Club Equipment

Still, part of the attraction of golf lies in the friendly competition made possible by keeping score. Contrary to the way most other games are played, in golf the lower the score the better. There are several ways to keep score. In match play, the player who puts the ball in the hole with the fewest strokes wins that hole, and the player who wins the most holes in the entire course wins the match. In score play, the player with the lowest total number of strokes for the whole course is the winner. With more people flocking to the courses, tournaments began to be held to determine who were the best players. At first, winners in the tournaments were awarded a medal. Later, prize money was added. Soon to come on the scene were the golf professionals, who made their living by playing from tournament to tournament and by representing a golf club as resident professionals.

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