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Although no one is quite sure when or where golf got its start, it is known that a number of golf like games were played in Europe and Great Britain more than 500 years ago. However, it was in 1457 that golf was first mentioned as a game played in Scotland. The game, it appears, had become so popular that King James II felt the need to pass a decree to ban it so that his subjects could spend more time practicing archery, a skill needed for the defense of his kingdom.
By 1744 a group of Scotsmen decided that it was time to organize this game, give it a set of written rules, and establish a golf club. Thus came into existence the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Ten years later, another group of players at St. Andrews, Scotland, formed their own club, which later became known as the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, or simply the R. and A. It is considered by many the arbitrator of the rules and regulations for the game.

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In its early days, golf was played among the hills and dunes close to the seashore. This was done for practical reasons. Sheep and rabbits kept the grass short. Natural sand traps were formed where sheltering sheep wore down the topsoil to the sand beneath. Only the royalty and the rich could afford the expense and time to travel to these links, as they were called. It was definitely not a game for the common folk. In fact, one had to be rich just to afford the golf balls.
The earliest golf balls were fabricated of bull’s hide, tightly stuffed with chicken or goose feathers and hand stitched. They were expensive to make and did not last long. It was the discovery of the resin from the Palaquium gutta tree from Malaysia in 1848 that made it possible for a new, cheaper ball to be manufactured. This made golf more affordable, and the game soon became popular.

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