Learn To Bridge The Hybrid Golf Club Distance Gap

Nothing in life is perfect and so it will be foolish of you to expect that your hybrid golf club is going to turn out to be perfect. No doubt, the hybrid golf club provides a number of advantages but it does suffer on one account and that is that there is a distance gap that you will need to worry about when using a hybrid golf club. It is therefore necessary to find out more about the hybrid golf club distance gap and also knows how best to avoid this problem. You need to also decide whether this hybrid golf club distance gap should affect your final decision regarding whether or not to buy a hybrid golf club.

Added Yards

With a normal three or four iron you will be able to achieve distances of approximately one hundred and ninety to two hundred yards. However, when you switch over to using three and four hybrid golf clubs you will immediately notice that the hybrid golf club distance gap will increase and you will notice that your golf ball is travelling to between two hundred and two hundred and twenty yards with the same three and four hybrid golf clubs.

This hybrid golf club distance gap should make you start looking for ways to address this increase in distance that is achieved when you use a hybrid golf club. You could start by trying to manage your golf course in a more efficient manner so as to counteract the greater hybrid golf club distance being achieved. It means not hitting the ball so hard that it travels in the distance gap range which will then make it hard for you to make the correct approach shot to the green.

Another way of countering the hybrid golf club distance gap is to buy an additional club that helps to bridge the distance gap. You can use the new club to hit for distances from where you will find it easier to approach the green; in other cases you might, for a longer distance, use the hybrid golf club to carry the ball closer to the green for your final approach shot.

Lastly, it is also possible to bridge the hybrid golf club distance gap by purchasing a complete hybrid and game improving set. Also, in case you really want to improve your golf game even further why not then consider using custom golf clubs that can be tailored to suit your physique and playing abilities. The fact is that today many people are using this option in order to gain an advantage over their playing partners and if you can afford the cost of these clubs then it is well worth considering as an option as well.