Learn More About A Wilson Golf Club Set Called Hope

There is more to owning a golf club set than the golf club set’s brand name. This is borne out when one considers the benefits of buying a Wilson golf club set. In fact, Wilson has brought out a set of golf clubs for women that will be interesting to more than just golfers because part of the proceeds from selling this ladies Wilson golf club set will go to aid in furthering research on breast cancer. Is it any wonder then that the new ladies Wilson golf club set is aptly named “Hope”?

Get Wilson Golf Club Set From Target

The Hope Wilson golf club set is at present being sold as an entire set of ladies golf clubs and is widely available in Target departmental stores right across the United States. If you go out and buy this Wilson golf club set you will get a 390cc golf driver, three and five fairway woods that come with shafts made from graphite as well as a complement of eight irons. In addition, this Wilson golf club set comes with a sand wedge as well as a good putter and in addition you also get 3 head-covers as well as the same number of Hope golf balls.

Wilson Golf Club Set Review

A review of the Wilson golf club set called Hope will surely help many a budding lady golfer find out whether or not this golf set will be useful to them. You only need to pay about one hundred and seventy dollars for the Hope golf club set and with it you will find all the necessary items of equipment that will help you succeed at golf.

Reviewers of this Wilson golf club set have found it to be a good buy. Among other things, it provides color co-ordination as well as comes with a bag and a few accessories such as golf towel and golf glove as well as a visor and even a sleeve of balls. Playing with these golf clubs will surely help you improve your game and the driver in particular stands out – being quite light and though this may cost you some distance, it will nevertheless still make it easier to swing the clubs, especially for a newbie golfer.

Callaway provides hot competition to Wilson. The simple fact is that a Callaway golf club set can help give you a decided advantage when you step out to play against your golf partner. The Callaway FTI is a good deal and if you are truly serious about making a low score then it will pay to find out more about this particular offering from Callaway.