How To Purchase A Ladies Golf Club

Active women today have a variety of interests that they want to be involved with. Some of those interests many include traditional types of hobbies which could include arts, crafts, knitting, crocheting, etc. However, the modern woman of today wants to be fully involved in as many aspects of life as they have the desire, interest and time available.

In addition, they want to maintain their health. Therefore, many women today choose to belong to health clubs, or obtain their daily exercise by jogging, bicycling, swimming, aerobics etc. In addition many women have chosen to take up to the game of golf.

Therefore, if choosing to obtain exercise by participating in a sport it is important to know that some equipment is especially designed with the woman in mind. This is especially true when it comes to golf.

Subsequently, it is important to know how to purchase a ladies golf club. Two of the important aspects of purchasing a ladies’ golf club is to select a club that is the right length and weight.

Weight Of The Ladies Golf Club

First of all it is important for the woman golfer to know that there are some basic differences between a man’s golf club set and a ladies golf club set. One of those major differences is the weight of the golf club.

Specifically a ladies golf club is lighter in weight. This lighter weight is by design because typically women do not have the same upper body strength that men do. Therefore, for a woman to use a heavier club, which is intended for the male golfer, would make it more difficult to get a fuller swing and therefore affect the distance achieved by the initial drive and subsequent golfing strokes.

Length Of The Ladies Golf Club

Another important consideration to remember when thinking about the purchase of a ladies golf club set is to remember that typically women’s golf clubs are shorter in length. This area of shortness is reflected in the actual shaft of the clubs.

The reason why the shaft of the ladies golf club is less in length than a man’s club is again because of the difference in genders. Specifically, a woman’s arm length is shorter that a man’s arm length. Therefore, the shaft of the ladies golf club is shorter so that the woman can achieve full extension when the golf swing is made and not have to worry about adjusting the hands on the shaft.

Being Fitted For A Ladies Golf Club

One additional point that should be made when a lady is interested in purchasing a ladies golf club set. That point being that the individual should do her homework in regards to the selection of golf clubs that are best suited to her style of golfing as well as consideration of her arm length and the weight of the club.

Therefore, rather than just purchasing a golf set online or buying someone else’s golf clubs as a starter set, it is important to do one’s homework when looking for a golf club set.

Therefore, it is best to consult with the pro at the pro shop at any of the golf links that maybe in the community. In addition, if a pro is unavailable, it would certainly be beneficial to test a set of ladies golf clubs to get a feel of the set and make sure that they are best suited to you as a golfer.