How To Buy The Right Junior Golf Club For Your Child

Do you have a child who shares your interest in golf? If your child likes golf, you better buy him/ a set of junior golf club. No, you cannot let your child use your own golf club. Your child needs junior golf club that fits his/her height and body size. To help you find the right junior golf club for your child, here are some important tips for you.

Check The Length Of The Junior Golf Club

Not all junior golf club sets are of the same length. Manufacturers understand that children have different needs so they make junior golf club of varying lengths. To find the right set of golf club for your child, consider how tall your child is. Moreover, your child does not only need junior golf club that is just the right length, he/she also needs golf club that he/she can grow up with.

Since boys and girls experience physical growth spurts at different ages, you should make sure that you get your child gold clubs that he/she can still use after a year or two. How? You need to know when your child experiences physical growth spurts. If your child is a boy, he will most likely grow very fast when he reaches puberty. On the other hand, if your child is a girl, she should experience physical growth spurts earlier. Girls tend to grow so fast around the age of 6 to 10 years old. Their physical growth usually slows down once they hit puberty. Use the biological clock of your child to gauge what kind of junior golf club you should buy.

Check The Flexibility Of The Junior Golf Club Shaft

The length of the shaft affects it flexibility. One of the major problems that junior golf clubs usually have is stiffness of the shaft. Why is this so? According to experts, when you take away 4-5 inches on the length of the golf club, the golf loses much of its flexibility. In other words, shorter golf clubs tend to be extremely stiff. Since flexibility is very important to get the desired height on your shots, shorter golf clubs could be a problem. Fortunately, most junior golf club manufacturers have discovered how to create junior golf club that are flexible enough to make children enjoy playing golf more. To find a junior golf club that suits the needs of your child, study the different types of junior golf clubs first before you buy any of them.