Finding A Good Left Handed Junior Golf Club

Finding a high quality left handed junior golf club can be a difficult task. There are many different golf clubs out there but not all of them offer left handed versions. I have done some shopping around and found a good quality set of left handed junior golf clubs. These are not custom junior golf club fitting clubs, but rather clubs you can get online or at a local sporting goods store. The left handed junior golf clubs that I am going to take a look at are the Young Gun Yellow Junior Set. The left handed junior golf club set from Young Gun has everything you need for the junior golfer.

Features Of The Young Gun Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs

This set includes everything you need to get your little left handed golfer out there playing. The clubs included are a 3 wood, five, seven, and nine iron. It also comes with a putter as well. This selection of clubs gives the young player enough clubs to play on just about any course. By becoming familiar with these clubs the little player will be able to add other clubs such as a driver and a pitching wedge easily when they get older.

The three wood is a square designed 250 cubic centimeter titanium three wood that has extra loft for added forgiveness. The shaft is twenty seven and half inches long and it has a matching head cover is included. The three irons included are all oversized with a wide sole that is perimeter weighted for easier playability. All three left handed golf clubs are sized to make playing as easy as possible for your young golfer.

The shafts are all junior flex graphite with soft wrap grips for maximum comfort and playability. Even the shafts and grips are designed to be as forgiving as possible for the young player. By making this left handed golf club set as easy to use possible it can make the game fun for your young little golfer. The more fun they have, the more likely they are to keep playing.

In addition to the left handed golf clubs each of the sets includes a stand bag as well. The stand bag has a double padded shoulder strap, a four way divider, and three exterior zippered pockets as well as an umbrella holder and rain hood. This bag has everything the little player needs so that they can focus on their game and not worry about anything else.