Custom Golf Club Components Make Great Gifts

If you don’t know what to get that avid golfer on your gift list, consider getting them a custom golf club component. This is a great gift for someone who already has custom built golf clubs but they are maybe getting worn out or they are a little out of style. The custom golf club components could be the handle grips, it could be the shafts, or it could be the club heads themselves. The avid golfer will love you for thinking of them and they’ll thank you for improving their game with their new custom golf club components.

Consider What Custom Golf Club Component They Need

In order to find out what kind of custom golf club components they need, you need to ask them questions without letting on that you’re getting them a gift. Ask them about their game or about their handicap. Sometimes, you may get an answer such as, “I had a great game but the handles on my clubs are worn out and they kept slipping.” Bingo, now you know exactly what kind of custom golf club components you need to get that person. Whatever they need, you can get it by going to a custom golf club maker. It might help to have a photo of the club you want to have a component made for but you could actually bring the club into them that would be better.

Bring Them The Club

It would be better to bring the club into the custom club maker so that they can make the custom golf club component fit exactly on that club. However, you want to make sure the person won’t miss the club and thus ruin the gift. So you’ll need to plan it when they won’t be playing such as during a work week, or while they’re away on vacation, etc. Find out how long the maker will need to keep the club and that will help you plan how long you’ll be able to keep the gift hidden until they discover the club missing.

When you present the new clubs, with the new custom golf club components to the person on your gift list, watch their face light up. Anyone who plays golf will appreciate a gift like that and it shows you really care about them and their game. If only you could somehow improve their skill level instead of just fixing up their clubs, that would make the ultimate gift.