Choosing Your First Golf Club Set

It can be very exciting to choose a first golf club set after practicing with other people’s sets or hand me down sets for a period of time. If a golfer has not really played the game at all before and wants to buy his own set, there are certain considerations for a beginner golfer versus a more experienced one who has been using other equipment. A golf club set is bought according to the needs of the golfer, such as the level of ability, whether the golfer is an adult or a child, or whether it is a gentlemen’s or ladies golf club set. All of these factors determine what types of clubs are put into the set, although no set will have more than fourteen clubs in it at one time.

Choices Of Golf Club Set

If the golfer is a low handicap golfer, meaning that the handicap is a single digit, then there are certain clubs that he will need in his golf club set. The clubs come in three types: woods, irons and wedges, and each type is used for a different type of shot during the game. A beginning player will probably only need one wood in the set, usually a three wood, since he is not experienced enough to make much of a difference when teeing off with another wood.

With the irons, the beginning player will probably want to keep the lower numbered irons since the higher ones are more difficult to control and are not as good for a low handicap player until he has more experience. In the wedges, the low handicap player will probably want three different types in the golf club set.

Golf Club Set

There should probably be a sand wedge for if he hits into a sand trap, a pitching wedge and also a lob wedge. Some golf club reviews promote an approach wedge instead of a lob wedge for beginning players, so the beginner ought to try out each and see what works best for him. The last thing that is not usually sold in a set is the putter, since each person has his own tastes in putters and usually wants to buy it separately from the golf club set.

Anther determination in choosing a golf club set is whether the player is right or left handed. Sometimes a person might be left handed in most things, but may find that he plays golf right handed better than left. Left handed clubs are rarer and harder to find for a golf club set, but they can be found in any brand, even if it has to be special ordered.