Buying a Junior Golf Club Set

As the sport of golf has gained popularity over the years, there have been younger and younger players getting involved, which has required the equipment to change to accommodate these players. Children’s and junior golf club sets have come onto the market to accommodate these younger players’ needs so that they can get a good start at playing the game without the frustration of trying to learn on an adults set of golf clubs. Since these children do tend to grow out of the clubs fairly quickly, parents are often looking for ways to find cheap golf club sets for them. There are often auctions and exchanges that can be found so that cheaper children’s and junior’s golf club sets can be found, saving parents some expense.

Junior Golf Club Set Choices

When choosing a junior golf club set, it is a good idea to bring the child into the store with the parent so that the proper sizes of clubs can be bought. Although the clubs are often sized according to the height of the golfer that will be using it, it is still a good idea to have the child come and try the clubs in the store so that the proper sizes and handling can be obtained, thus reducing frustration on the course. The most obvious difference in junior golf club sets is that the grip of the golf clubs is reduced in size for better gripping and handling by the child.

In addition, the golf clubs are almost always lighter than adult sets so that the child can more easily swing the clubs on the golf course with accuracy. The tricky part about the lighter weight of the clubs is that they still need to be well balanced so that they simulate the same swing that an adult club will have on the golf course for certain shots. Cheaper junior golf club sets will not have this and it will lead to frustration for the child golfer.

In adult golf club sets, there are at most fourteen clubs in the set, with fewer clubs for more amateur golfers. In a junior golf club set there are also fewer clubs than an adult set since the child is usually not experienced enough of a golfer yet to handle the more advanced clubs. The three of five wood is usually the only one in the junior golf club set in addition to the irons, which usually do not run lower than the six iron. The hardest club to fit to the child is usually the putter, which should run the height of about the child’s waist to the ground.