Some Good Reasons To Gift A Golf Ball As Wedding Favors

If you are looking for some outstanding wedding favors then think about giving custom-made golf balls to a wedding couple. This in fact is not such an unusual idea do because these golf balls actually have begun to represent a new trend to those who plan weddings and who also provide wedding services. The plain truth is that these balls are neither trendy nor technical though they do signify the giver’s deepest feelings and are a good way of showing affection for the recipient.

White Color

The first thing that will strike you if you are planning to present a golf ball as wedding favor is that the balls are colored white and this pure whiteness is not only beautiful and unique but it symbolizes innocence as well as everlasting and true love; and it is also something that helps to combines sport and love together admirably well.

The second appealing aspect to presenting a golf ball is that it is small in size and weighs no more than 1.6 ounces and its diameter too is only 1.6 inches. All in all, the golf ball is small as well as light and it can fit into a wedding favor box very well. Even better, it is even possible to fit two wedding bands in it and with a few simple ideas you can think up other ways to present these wonderful balls to a wedding couple.

The cost of a golf ball is so low that it would not make any difference to you, especially as you won’t be buying some technically advanced golf ball that costs a lot of money. Just a simple one will do admirably well and for a price of just two dollars it will certainly not inconvenience you at all. At the same time it represents an excellent way of announcing how sweet the couple really is and once you personalize the ball you will make the message even clearer.

For someone that loves golf as a sport there are many ways to gift them items to make that love for the sport grow. Presenting them with a golf ball marker is one option because this gift will help the golfer mark their initials on the ball to make it their very own unique ball and ensures that their balls don’t get mixed up with those of fellow golfers.

More and more gift shops that deal with wedding gifts are now offering creative ideas and these include giving of a golf ball as wedding favors. Golf too represents love for sport and so if you want to spread the message of love picks a golf ball as the ideal wedding gift.