Golf Ball Retriever: Retrieve Your Balls From Hazards Easily And Efficiently

Sometimes, the golf ball when struck does go off its intended path and will land in nearby hazards such as into the woods or even into water. Rather than consider using a fresh golf ball you can, with the help of a golf ball retriever, extract your ball out of water and from the woods and continue playing your game as if nothing ever happened.

Save Money

You can be sure that by buying a golf ball retriever you will have an accessory that will help you save much money by helping you to retrieve balls that would otherwise be given up as lost. In fact, a golf ball retriever is also useful when it comes to simply extracting the ball from your golf bag and it is the only golfing accessory that is specifically designed just to retrieve golf balls.

The most oft used golf ball retriever comes with a cup head made from metal and which also has a pole (telescoping) that can be made to extend to eighteen feet and sometimes even longer. The Canadian cup head is another popular type of golf ball retriever that is distinguished from other retrievers in that it has an orange head that is of a round shape.

You can also find golf ball retrievers that hold a handful of golf balls at a single go and the types of heads too will vary with some being spring type while others include rake heads, ring heads as well as tear drop heads. In fact, new types of heads are consistently being developed with each passing day.

The top end golf ball retrievers can be made to extend to all of twenty-four feet and these will retract to just forty-three inches and can have either single, double or even four ball heads. It is however necessary that when opting for twenty-four feet long golf ball retriever that you ensure that its pole is thicker than what is used for eighteen feet or smaller sized retrievers.

A standard sized golf ball retriever usually can be made to retract to the size of a gold club and is therefore of the right size to store in your golf bag. A golf ball stamp is in fact yet another golfing accessory that you should consider buying and in fact it can also be used to personalize your golf ball so that you are able to easily identify your golf ball from those of other golfers.

For better choice of golf ball retriever you should search online where you will find a huge selection of retrievers to choose from and which will also have a more affordable price tag as compared to what pro-shops and sports good shops charge.