What Kind of Golf Bag Should I Get?

For the avid golfer, few accessories (other than a really great swing) are as important as a golf bag. When you have at your fingertips everything you need for your round, you can relax and focus on hitting the ball and having a great time. There are lots of choices in golf bags out there, so let’s take a look at a few and start to narrow down the field.

“Pro” Style Golf Bag or “Practice Bag?”

If you play a lot of golf and you like to walk, you may want to consider adding a practice bag to your equipment. Practice bags are very lightweight, so they don’t wear you out as much during the round. Newer models are available in a variety of durable fabrics that can stand up to years of steady use. However, if you usually ride or use a pull cart, there’s nothing like the convenience and “class” of a full-size, pro-style golf bag. Many full-featured bags also double as golf travel bags, which is super convenient for the true devotee who doesn’t go anywhere without the clubs.

All-in-One Travel Golf Bag or Combination?

You may already have the perfect bag and have your gear all stowed and set up exactly the way you want it. In that case, you’ll want to find a good, durable travel cover to go over your bag. Hint: even if your bag has a snap-on hood to enclose the clubs, a travel cover is still a good idea. There’s nothing more frustrating than standing at the airport baggage claim and seeing your clubs come out of the chute…one at a time. You can choose from hard travel covers or soft travel covers for your golf bag, depending on your taste. However, the combination units are also very convenient. They can provide all the storage you’re used to with your regular bag, but also convert easily to a secure travel container for your clubs and gear—and many models weigh about the same as a regular bag. That can really be a time- and space-saver when you’re traveling with your golf bag.

Hard-cover or Soft-cover?

Once again, the decision between a hard-cover travel case or a soft-cover golf bag with a travel cover is really up to you. Some golfers prefer the hard-cover units because of the superior protection they provide for clubs and gear, as opposed to a regular golf bag. Others cite the better portability of the hard units; they’re easier to wheel around. But the soft golf bags with travel cases have their supporters, too, often because of the lighter weight and increased flexibility, for those times you need to cram in “just one more” sleeve of balls.