Finding the Perfect Golf Bag Organizer

“A place for everything and everything in its place…” How many times have you heard that advice, and wished you had a better storage setup for your all-important golf clubs, travel bag, and other golfing gear? Well, your search doesn’t have to go on forever. Now there are lots of reputable golf equipment companies, including Callaway, Golfsmith, and others, who are producing sturdy, functional, efficient, and even stylish golf bag organizers for the golfing individual or the golfing family. Most of the latest products are designed to sit on the floor and hold one or two golf bags, along with multiple shelves in various configurations for shoes, tees, towels, and whatever other gear you might want to keep handy.

The Timeless Quality of Wood

Several of these models feature the rich look of oak or maple finishes, adding a touch of distinction wherever they’re displayed. Golfsmith offers the J. G. Hickory golf bag stand and organizer in both one-bag and two-bag models, and the unit comes in both walnut finish and brushed nickel. Both are very functional and sturdy. The brushed nickel model adds the handy feature of a ventilated, locking cabinet, for that extra measure of security for your personal belongings stored inside. The double bag units are 38″ by 36″ by 19,” and the single-bag unit is a bit narrower.

Totally Tubular

There are also a variety of metal-construction golf bag organizers and storage systems on the market. These range from the J. G. Hickory brushed nickel model, described above, to the very functional, economically priced tubular steel construction of the Improvements golf bag organizer, which holds two golf bags and has five shelves for storage of shoes and other gear. The Golf Organizer by Suncast features side-by-side storage for two bags, and lots of shelf space for shoes and other stuff.

On the Wall

If extra floor space is a problem in your home, check out the wall-hung golf bag organizer models available from Racor. Starting at just over $20, these versatile racks can be mounted on any wall, and can accommodate two golf bags, along with plenty of baskets and shelves for all the gear you want to keep with your golfing stuff. These compact units that hold up to 50 pounds can go anywhere you’ve got a little extra wall space, and they’ll keep your golfing equipment organized and handy for whenever you’re ready to head out to the course.