Add a Cooler to Your Golf Bag!

It never fails: it’s 103 in the shade, you’re on the far end of the thirteenth hole, you’re thirsty, you’re hot… and there’s not a beverage cart or even a water fountain in sight. Sound familiar? Well, you don’t have to put yourself at the mercy of the elements or the beverage cart route, once you get an insulated golf bag cooler. These handy little items are insulated, waterproof, and soft-sided, so they can be stored in a shoe compartment or other large opening in your bag. And if they’re not holding beverages and ice, you can just collapse them into the bag pocket, or even use them for extra golf bag storage.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

A quick scan of the Internet shows that collapsible, insulated golf bag coolers come in sizes that hold from eight to ten cans of your favorite cold beverage. You can pack these watertight bags with ice, or you can order cooler packs that are re-freezable for repeat use. Most models are made with watertight zippers that line up with the zipper on your bag’s shoe compartment, for convenient, discreet beverage enjoyment. Some sponsors and manufacturers have even started printing corporate logos on these and giving them away as promotional items, so keep your eyes open at your next pro-am.

Outside the Bag

Coolers are also available with larger capacities, but these are usually designed to sit on the back of the golf cart in plain view. Some fancy models even feature wine and cheese racks, with service for two. Golf-bag-shaped models are also available. These golf bag coolers hold more and don’t take up space in your bag, but some clubs frown on the notion of golfers bringing their own beverages onto the course—with good reason, considering the money the club makes on selling beer and soft drinks. Thus, the idea of the golf bag cooler was born; a “stealth” solution to golfers’ thirst, and a way to make sure that you’ve always got your favorite cold drinks with you on the course.

Not Just for the Golf Course

Naturally, the golf bag cooler doesn’t have to be “hidden.” Most models come with a handy shoulder strap, so they can be carried as a convenient, all-purpose travel cooler, as well. Their durable construction and heavy insulation makes them great for picnics, tailgating, or even taking cold beverages to a get-together at the neighbor’s house.